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1. Is my company required to sign a contract? No. We are so confident in our prices and our service that we do not require a contract.

2. Do recyclable absorbents work as well as non-recyclable? Yes and even better. Our customers have found that recyclable absorbents are more durable and more absorbent than non-recyclables.

3. Can my company try out the IAS absorbents and service in a small area to test it out? Yes, we specialize in trials. We offer a 30 day risk-free trial with no payment up front. Per your request, IAS drivers will deliver bags of absorbent mats or socks or both for your company to try out. If you are not happy, we will pick everything up at no cost to you.

4. Do I need to contact IAS for a pick up? Yes and No. You can contact us for a pick up, or your company can be put on a recurring route. Our drivers will stop by your facility to restock inventory and pick up any full drums of saturated absorbents that need to be recycled. There is no charge if no drums are picked up. Routes can be done weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

5. Do I need to buy the absorbents and pay for the recycling service?  You have 2 options. Option 1 is to purchase the absorbents and call with a purchase order then pay for the recycling service when the drum is full, which is the preferred method of many small customers.


The second option is to pay only for full drums of saturated absorbents to be recycled. The absorbents are supplied up front at no charge. Our larger customers prefer this method because it keeps it simple. One charge and one invoice mailed out at the end of the month. Check out the “Get Started” and “Case Studies” pages for more information.

6. Will my company be charged for lost or damaged absorbents? No. IAS takes full responsibility for educating employees about the recycling program. Our labels help insure that employees are aware that all saturated absorbents are to be placed in IAS collection drums.

7. Can I dispose of non-recyclable absorbents in IAS collection drums? Yes. IAS will recycle the oil from the absorbents and send the material to a waste-to-energy incinerator.

8. Are there any hidden fees? No. there is only one set and agreed upon price. There is no transportation charge, no charge for free standing liquids, no charge for routine pick-ups, no charge for lost or damaged absorbents, no charge for non-recyclable material in IAS collection drums.

9. Does IAS only accept absorbents used to absorb oil? No. IAS absorbents can be used to absorb any liquid that is considered non-hazardous. Coolants, water, gas, oil, etc. are all acceptable.

10. Does my company need to keep socks, mats, or wipes in separate collection drums? No. IAS recycles and sorts the absorbents at the recycling facility at no extra charge to the customer.


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